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is Setting a Higher Standard for Flight Schools

Why Choose as Your Flight School

Our primary commitment is to your safety and success as a student, instructor, and ultimately, as a commercial airline pilot.

is dedicated to maintaining every aspect of student support, safety, and our high-quality curriculum as we help establish the foundation for your professional pilot career.

Setting a Higher Standard for Safety

’s commitment to safety is built into every aspect of our school while being reinforced on a daily basis and audited regularly to maintain our values of safety first. We continue to uphold and maintain this safety first mindset with:

  • Expertly Maintaining Our Aircraft Fleet
  • Utilizing Airline-Style Dispatch Procedures
  • Solo-Flight Safety Training
  • Flight Risk Assessment Program
  • Safety Stop Program


When it comes to choosing a flight school, there is no safer environment to train than at . Click below to learn more about our exceptional commitment to safety.

Safety First

First-Class Training

consistently provides hands-on education. You will be learning in flight simulators, flying missions, and working with instructors in small class sizes to ensure you’re learning and practicing the skills you need to succeed. Our main campus out of Phoenix is the second largest airport in the area, just behind Sky Harbor International. This contributes to our cadets and instructors being able to fly consistently and build their flight time at an accelerated rate.

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Expertly Maintained Fleet

At , you will have access to an expertly maintained fleet of 95+ aircraft, each complete with standardized cockpits and layouts. Many of our planes also include air conditioning, a crucial feature in the hotter months of the year. These aircraft, from the Piper Archer to the Cessna 172, are all expertly engineered to be the perfect vehicles to launch our pilots’ careers.

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Student Support Is an Essential Part of Who We Are

For us, that means providing all of the guidance, resources, tools, and academic assistance you need. Our one of a kind student support includes:

  • Opportunity to Backseat a Flight or Ground School
  • Exceptional Instructors
  • Dedicated Academic Advisors
  • Pilot Mentoring and Workshops
  • Student Services Team
  • And more!


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Transparent Tuition

keeps flight school costs manageable through our transparent tuition model. Other flight schools sometimes offer deceptively low tuition costs, but these don’t account for everything a cadet needs. They do not include the substantial supplemental costs of testing, extra flight time you may need, and checkride fees necessary to complete your training and become a paid airline pilot.

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SkyWest Airlines Career Partnership

Become an airline pilot at an accelerated rate with the SkyWest Cadet Program

SkyWest Airlines is the premier regional airline in the USA. is the country’s most innovative flight training center. Together, we’ve formed a strategic partnership setting you up for a career as a pilot.

As a SkyWest Cadet at , you receive tuition reimbursement, a guaranteed final interview for a first officer position at SkyWest,enhanced company seniority, and unique pilot mentorship opportunities to help you through flight school.

As the premier regional airline in the United States, SkyWest Airlines is the best place to begin your career in aviation. SkyWest pilots enjoy the incredible culture, great travel benefits, and great career opportunities, while having the chance to fly for major airlines like American, United, and Delta.

No experience in aviation is necessary to begin the SkyWest Airlines Pilot Pathway Program through . implements the most established and well-documented operational processes and educational systems in the industry. Our unique program trains cadets at an accelerated rate with a high-quality curriculum and exceptional safety standard, preparing them for successful careers at the airlines.

Since 1999, has graduated over 7,000 pilots with an average of 400 cadets enrolled in any given year, many of whom are currently employed by the largest airlines in the world.

University Programs

In addition to our Pilot Pathway Program with SkyWest, also partners with Arizona State University and Purdue Global University as their flight training provider.

Students enrolled in our University Programs complete their flight training with while obtaining their Bachelor’s Degree. These programs differ from one another, but both provide opportunities for students to graduate with their degree and 7 FAA licenses and certifications to begin their professional pilot careers and experience a lifetime of success.

As an Trained Pilot,
You Are in High Demand

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Unparalleled Advantages & Opportunities with

  • Transparent Tuition
  • $17,500 Tuition Reimbursement from SkyWest Airlines following I.O.E.
  • World-Class Curriculum
  • Accelerated Training
  • Guaranteed Interview as CFI upon Graduation
  • Guaranteed Interview with SkyWest Airlines

Your Career in Aviation

Pilots are in high demand and global need is projected to rise. If you are looking for a career that is high paying, prestigious, and exciting, there is no better option than to become a commercial airline pilot.

With transparent tuition, a world-class curriculum, unique student support, tuition reimbursement, and airline partnerships, makes it simple and attainable for YOU to begin a successful career in aviation.

Our career-focused accelerated program will teach you to be the best of the best, letting you create your own success and happiness with a career you can be proud of.

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