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Expertly Maintained Aircraft Fleet

At , you will have access to an expertly maintained fleet of 90+ aircraft. Many of our planes include air conditioning, a crucial feature in the hotter months of the year. These aircraft, from the Piper Archer to the Cessna 152, are all expertly engineered to be the perfect vehicles to launch our pilots’ careers into the skies.

Before closing the door on their first aircraft, potential pilots will spend time in the RedBird SIM, a top of the line simulator unit, giving them the comprehensive experience while they are still on the ground.

A plane is only as good as its maintenance. That’s why we have an FAA approved maintenance hangar on site our Phoenix headquarters, ready to do fixes on the spot. That means our pilots are getting into safe aircraft with less delay and accruing that crucial flight time under their belt.

Our Aircraft Fleet

The Piper Archer 

  • One of the most popular training aircraft in the world
  • Reliable, modern aircraft that is consistent and incredibly safe for flight training
  • At ’s Phoenix, Arizona and Austin, Texas locations, students fly a standardized fleet of both G1000 Archers and Six-Pack Archers
  • 50+ Piper Archers in the Fleet

The Piper Seminole

  • More complex, twin-engine version of the single-engine aircraft
  • Used throughout students’ multi-engine training
  • Similarities between Piper Archer and Piper Seminole allow for a smooth transition from the basic single engine to the more complex multi-engine
  • 10+ Piper Seminoles in the Fleet

The Cessna 172

  • A stable aircraft for flight training with exceptional safety records
  • High-wing, single engine aircraft
  • Students fly Cessna 172s at ’s Chandler, Arizona location
  • 20+ Cessna 172s in the Fleet

The Cessna 152

  • This aircraft is exclusively used for Spin Training during the CFI portion of training
  • A two-seat aircraft similar to the Cessna 172
  • Training in the Cessna 152 allows pilots to gain the knowledge and skills needed to overcome the challenges of spin recovery
  • Multiple Cessna 152s in the Fleet


RedBird Simulators

  • ’s RedBird Simulators are an FAA-approved Advanced Aviation Training Device
  • Allows students and instructors to quickly change panels to mimic the aircraft they’ll be flying
  • Allows students and instructors to manage different elements of training and ultimately improve their performance on future flights
  • RedBird Simulators are located at all three of ’s U.S. campus locations

Training Resources

’s fleet continues to grow and expand across all of its campuses, providing students with the hands-on experience they are seeking and the resources to train consistently. When students aren’t actively flying these aircraft, they have constant access to the RedBird Simulators to practice and hone their skills before their next flight.

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