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Life as a Student Pilot

Student Support

With ’s accelerated training programs, you are training to be one of best commercial pilots in the industry, fully prepared to take on the role of First Officer with a major airline.

For this reason, is a global leader in commercial flight training when it comes to supporting students, guiding them, and enabling their success.

Daily Life of an Student

is committed to providing each student with the support and resources they need to succeed. Because offers multiple career-focused programs, each student’s day might look a little different depending on the missions you’re scheduled for and what phase of training you’re in.

As a student in one of our University Programs, your schedule will differ from students enrolled in our other accelerated training programs. is the flight training provider for Arizona State University, and students in their program will sign up for preferred flight blocks that will compliment their academic schedule as best as possible. Students sign up for these flight blocks at the beginning of the semester, and keep these same selections each week. Your days may consist of flight missions, ground school, briefs, and independent studying. There’s no doubt that you’ll stay busy and continue building your skills each week!

As a student in our accelerated pilot training programs, you are typically on campus 6 days a week. Each day may be different depending on what you are scheduled for and what rating you’re focusing on – however, a day in training might look something like this:

  • Arrive to your campus location and begin mission planning on your iPad, using the ForeFlight app. 

  • Next, you will brief with your assigned Flight Instructor. This is where you review all of the important details of your mission, ensuring all flight planning is accurate and you fully understand the mission goals.

  • Ramp-Out Procedure: Check out with dispatch and receive your flight ‘tin’, ensure accuracy of flight documents, pre-flight inspection and then taxi to runway for departure.

  • In-Flight: Your flight missions are determined by where you currently are in the program and are focused on developing the skills for your current course rating. Each mission gives you the opportunity to develop and enhance your piloting capabilities through progressive training.

  • Ramp-Inn and Debrief: After landing and securing the aircraft, you will have time with your Flight Instructor where you debrief the mission to analyze your strengths and areas of improvement.

  • Daily study time is done independently, but this is your opportunity to connect with an advisor, work with other cadets, or audit other flights or ground school classes.

In addition to flight mission days, you will also have ground school, simulator training, and mandatory days off to rest, relax and prepare for upcoming missions. The first 12-18 months of training will be rigorous, structured training that will prepare you for the next phases of your pilot journey, culminating in your final check-ride and the opportunity to join as a Certified Flight Instructor.

Academic Advisory Program


Our academic support programs are led by an academic advisor whose sole purpose is to see that you are successful. We want you to master the material so that you pass your FAA checkrides the first time, every time.

With the academic advisory program, you always have somewhere to go anytime you have questions or frustrations as you study. This is different than most flight schools, where studying is strictly done independently.

If additional support is needed beyond the traditional academic advisory, we offer additional support for students and performance improvement plans which provide personalized help. Students who participate in these programs almost always pass their next tests and excel with further training.

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