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The SkyWest Culture

What Makes SkyWest the Best to Fly For? The SkyWest Culture

Built on Teamwork, Professionalism, Safety, and Stability, SkyWest offers more than just a job to their pilots and employees. In over 46 years, they have never furloughed a pilot and they’ve had no bankruptcies. That consistency and stability in their own professionalism bleeds into everything they do.

That is why SkyWest’s partners – Delta, American, Alaska and United – rely on SkyWest, their pilots, and crews for over 3,000 flights a day, to over 240 airports. Which in turn means more experience and more opportunities to their pilots. With over 20 domiciles SkyWest pilots can live all across the country.

SkyWest is known for its top-tier training, implementing advanced programs including AQP. Because of the high-caliber training, SkyWest pilots continue to be the industries top recruits by every major airline.

Pilots aren’t the only employees who benefit from the SkyWest culture. The SkyWest Pilot Pathway Program allows students to attend an enhanced introduction to the Company, and gain an ID number, giving students a head start on company seniority. For those already employed by SkyWest, they offer a Professional Leave of Absence program that allows employees to transition to the cockpit.

SkyWest employs over 13,000 people nationwide. And as a team, they operate a successful network of over 3,000 daily departures, with over 425 aircraft for four major partners… To join their crew as a pilot, speak to our enrollment advisors and join the SkyWest Pilot Pathway Program today.

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