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RedBird Airplane Simulator

’s RedBird SIM is an FAA-approved Advanced Aviation Training Device. Its immersive visual display allows you to improve all aspects of flying from your VFR to IFR missions. Equipped with a quick-change aircraft configuration system, ’s RedBird SIM allows both students and instructors to quickly change panels to mimic the 3 main aircrafts you will be flying whether that be the G1000 Archer, Six Pack Archer, or Six Pack Seminole. The standardization of these SIM panels to match those of the aircraft ensures a smooth transition across all your training equipment throughout each course of your program.

utilizes our simulators in a unique way. The simulator is a great tool not only for improving procedures but also as a way of dissecting the training into more manageable elements. In flight, there are many things occurring simultaneously and therefore it can be a very distracting environment. In a simulator, specific focus can be given to an element of the flight. This allows you to develop any weaker skills and ultimately improve your performance on future flights.

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